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High Performance Academy

HPA MINI Soccer Ball

HPA MINI Soccer Ball

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HPA Strikerz Edge Soccer Ball: Train Like a Pro, Play Like a Legend

Mini version of the official HPA Stikerz Edition ball. 

Dynamic Features:

  • Elite Material: The ball is wrapped in a 100% polyurethane cover, offering a resilient surface for long-lasting play.
  • Tactile Precision: A textured surface enhances your touch, allowing for intricate dribbles and accurate passing.
  • Unrivaled Retention: The butyl bladder is meticulously crafted for superior air retention, delivering a consistent feel and optimal pressure retention.
  • Seamless Craftsmanship: Enjoy a seamless construction that not only contributes to a smooth on-pitch experience but also wards off water uptake.
  • Training Perfected: As an HPA Quality training ball, it’s designed to meet the standards of high-intensity training sessions.
  • Match Day Ready: Arrives ready for inflation, ensuring you can get into the action straight out of the box.
  • International Pedigree: This imported ball is constructed to align with the global standards of soccer excellence.

Innovative QR Technology:

  • Beyond the Game: Integrated into the ball's sleek design is a QR code that links you directly to HPA’s innovative soccer hub.
  • Digital Resource Vault: Tap into a vast array of drills, training videos, and exclusive soccer content designed to elevate your game.
  • HPA Soccer Community: Step into a digital space where the pulse of soccer innovation beats, and connect with players who share your drive and passion.

The HPA Striker's Edge Soccer Ball embodies the spirit of modern soccer — innovative, resilient, and designed for those who aim to leave their mark on the pitch.

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